Well, time to bother you about ideas.
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wildman Ircha 08 Mar 2007 11:40 am QUOTE
After you added that mods section, I had ideas for mods, which will be highly appreciated. You made one that takes 3 braves to train one warrior, I'd like a similar gameplay mood to speed things up, braves should be created faster in huts, meaning they need to fuck more and mature faster. and they should also be trained quicker, and build faster. Will take alot more skill, and be highly appreciated by.. well, mostly me.

Anyways, I amaze myself about how you still haven't made a tool to regulate number of players on each mappack, so that we may host 2 p modes of 4 player maps that aren't "The Beginning"

I'm going to bother you more propably, but this is all for now!
wildman lncas Fat Wife 11 Aug 2007 02:18 pm QUOTE
What happened to u Ircha, u not on anymore??? U on on an other name? in that case whats ur nickname??
wildman username 08 Dec 2007 10:18 am QUOTE
we should have a mod where there's no shaman!
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