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wildman DAroo 01 Jan 2009 09:53 am QUOTE
i promised it after update :)

subjective opinion, tested with: windows xp proffesional 32 AND vista home premium 32


1) 3D preview generated maps
it doesn't work at all and Warg probably knows about it very well, but what's more - when click on this button your 3D mappacks preview will stop working until next program start

2) white fields in options
i think Warg knows it very well, white backgrounds instead of texture / color

3) exceptions after double click in:
a) options / blocked users
b) options / skins / Color Settings

4) exception when you select 3rd empty skin and click Apply Skin


1) minimalization / maximalization
to minimalize user has to use button in the right top corner, clicking box in the start panel (black rectangle in the bottom of the screen in vista) doesn't work like in the most of the windows programs, quite annoying if you want to maximalize and fast minimalize to preview chat

2) unreachable update window
when update is available and you don't click on the appeared window (you click on the mask for exampe) you will not be able to click any more on the update window - main program window (a "mask") will not allow to select update window

3) weird behaviour of the game options window
a) when you click mappacks new window appear, when you click cancel then option Mappack is still selected
b) when you click mappacks new window appear, and this window should be closed after second click on this option
c) game options should be automaticly closed when user clicks on RMG / Tribes Colors / Game values
d) to change selected mappack user has to disable mappacks and enable again, pretty annoying and unlogical

4) RMG Ted's engine
i met users who thought that this engine crash the program, there should be information that map is generating

5) RMG Ted's scripts
a) when you select Ted's engine a window appear with scripts to select, try to not select any script and click ok - an unlogical information will appear with spell mistake (gererated if i remember well)
b) similar to the mappacks - to select different script you have to disable Ted's engine and then enable it once again, this should be made in different way

6) since when most played populous games are 2 vs 2, players amount in the RMG should be 4 by default, not 0; it would be also great when while first generation (after go the RMG window) box with randomized number would contain some random number. It would prevent message: "That's not a valid seed, silly.." after user click "generate" before "randomize"

7) league list
a) it should be automaticly downloaded after go to this window, instead of clicking refresh button; clicking refresh button to download a league is unlogical -_-
b) User Lookup option should display also a position in the league
c) league should contain information when list is downloading - not everybody has extreme fast and great internet connection, and this may take several seconds
d) when player is not on the list there should be information about it - not finded or sth like that
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