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wildman LuKaS 03 Nov 2011 12:21 pm QUOTE

the problem I am experiencing is something I have looked into for hours, but cannot find an answer for. I can create a game and my friend can see it and join it in MM. However, when I press "Launch", it starts the game for me, but my friend is stuck with the white "Loading..." box, which is not responding. The same happens to me when he is the host. How could I fix this?

Also, unrelated but curious : First we tried to just make a multi-player server via Hamachi, we could see each others servers, but not join them (it would try to connect for a while, then throw you back to the lobby). When we turned off Hamachi (which changed the displayed IP-s in-game as well) we couldn't even see the servers anymore. We did remember to update the IP-s in the address book by the way.
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