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wildman Citrus Caesar 13 Mar 2006 01:33 pm QUOTE
Hi, I love Populous and was quite surprised when I came across this site. I will spread word!

Anyway, I was wondering, what is "Populous, Age of Chaos"? Is it a game before or after Populous: The Beginning? Is it an expansion pack perhaps?

....And where can you get it?.....

I have looked extensively for a Populous expansion, but it doesn't seem to exist. Can anyone help me out?
admin Koen 15 Mar 2006 01:10 am QUOTE
Age Of Chaos is a new series of (hard) singleplayer levels for Populous. You can find it on the Wildman Productions site:

<a href=''></a>

Click on your resolution, then go to mappacks at the left side and you'll see the 'Populous: Age Of Chaos Final' download there!
wildman Citrus Caesar 16 Mar 2006 09:15 am QUOTE
Many thanks,

I will keep posting!
admin king warg 17 Mar 2006 01:12 pm QUOTE
I plan to release the Populous Age of Chaos special edition sometime during the late spring or early summer, then I will be releasing an addon called Lunar Wars.
wildman dalisene 29 Mar 2006 02:25 am QUOTE

Age Of Chaos is a new series of (hard) singleplayer levels for Populous.

Correction, it's a MOD for Populous.

wildman BlackWolf 18 Jun 2006 02:43 pm QUOTE
I take it the making of AoC has stopped now then?..
wildman Newbie 17 Jul 2014 02:49 am QUOTE
hi Citrus Caesar
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