Clans merging
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beta tester wackyanimation 21 Jul 2006 02:28 pm QUOTE
Me and Stiggy want to merge clans and share ownership. can we do that? its Fire Dragons and East Side
wildman Stig Arild 22 Jul 2006 04:17 am QUOTE
*FD*Es* hehe only a suggest i hope you will add a system warg/koen o we can merge our clan
wildman username 09 Jan 2007 10:16 pm QUOTE
you guys should disband the east side have all the east side people jion the fire dragonds and make stiggy one of the leaders
wildman username 09 Jan 2007 10:17 pm QUOTE
or you can have an ultra clan alliance to defeat the rest
wildman Newbie 17 Jul 2014 02:43 am QUOTE
pig not gonna merge so fuck off
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