Welcome to Populous: Resurrection!

If you want to play populous online you're at the right place! Wildman Productions presents the next generation of populous:
The Populous Resurrection Client!

Black & White players, head over to Black & White Resurrection and become part of the new online community today!

The Wildman Productions Staff

New Beginnings
Jul/01/2020 | by king warg
A whole new game client, and a whole new website, welcome to the third resurrection, there might be some rough edges and unexpected bugs while we complete the new redesign.

Site Breakage
Mar/30/2020 | by king warg
We are still trying to update all the site code to comply with PHP 7.2, stand by..

Website Crippled
Mar/23/2020 | by king warg
due to dreamhost doing upgrades and switching over everything to be mandatory php 7 we are dealing with some rather severe crippling website breaking issues from api changes, the multiplayer client is now operational again, however.

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