How do they work? Well, basically we check who won and who lost, and based on the ratings of the players, a new rating is calculated. The formula still needs to be tweaked and is a test formula. The current ranks are as follows and can change if we feel the need:

Everyone starts out with 700 points (and thus is a warrior). Ranks are based on the ratings according to this scheme:

0-200 - Wildman

200-400 - Brave

400-600 - Spy

600-800 - Warrior

800-1000 - Priest

1000-1200 - Fire Warrior

1200+ - Shaman

If too many players get shaman rank we'll change the formula and / or change the limits for each rank.

Basically, ratings are meant to let players play their own ranks. For example if a shaman loses from a wildman, he'll lose many more points than when he loses from another shaman. Reversed if a wildman wins from a shaman he'll gain more points than when he wins from a brave.

Get the idea? Now get started and see what your rating is!

Oh yeah! Don't quit the matchmaker before you finish the game, or the game will count as a loss!

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