Matchmaker Client
With this client you can connect to our gaming services, and start playing with other players.

Download - Client 3.0.2 Alpha - Installer coming soon.

Download - Client 2.0.9

Note: install patch 1.03 before you start playing!

The Game
Looking for the game? The multiplayer client has a downloader that does all the work for you.

It is easier to download and install mappacks directly from the matchmaker client, the link in the menu is here should you not be able to get a mappack from the client for some reason.

Collective Patch 1.03
Collective patch 1.03 - Download (2.3 MB)

* Required to play populous online!

* Fix the bugs that the official Bullfrog patch fixes

* Update the version number to 1.03

* Fix the network hosting bug

* Make the game run without the CD

* Make the game the US version

Koen's Level EditorKoen's 2D level editor.
Wildman Level Tester 3.0A new level tester, released 2/1/2011
Wildman ScripterAn AI Script editor.
Sprite Workshop 1.4.7An advanced sprite editing utility
Resource Workshop 1.2A tool to import and export nearly any game texture
Shaman's Workbench (BETA)A new fancy 3D map editor with many features.

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