Code of Conduct


First Version Written by Chris Hall - [AsG]Hundredth


Before playing Populous: The Beginning online, here are a few “do”s and “don’t”s regarding all the aspects of online play, and keeping a friendly environment in the matchmaker lobby:

In-game Trials

The following strategies / tricks are general aspects of an everyday RTS computer game. Most god-RTS games tend to emulate war, and this is no different with Populous. Everything in the following list is 100% allowed – anything goes in the art of warfare!


“Doubling” can generally mean two things. In most people's minds, doubling is where (in a 2on2 team game) both players in a team focus on ONE opponent. Both players in one team will mainly attack (spells, troops) one member of the rival team, ignoring the other player.

For other people “Doubling” only counts as “Doubling” if both players are attacking the one player at the same time.

Either way, “Doubling” is a perfectly normal aspect of team play.

Side-door / Back-door

In a good game of Populous, you will have more than one front to defend. (At the same time – more than one front to attack through!) In many maps – such as the all time favourite “Face Off” – the game starts off with only one way into each enemy’s base. At the end of a long game, the number of “ways in” to each enemy’s base can reach four or even five. This is a result of what we know as “back-door” and “side-door”.

To perform a Side/Back-door, the player would commonly use land bridge to reach the enemy’s base. This can also be done with flatten (and in extreme circumstances – volcano) but this is often less efficient.


There isn’t really an easier way to say this, but “Rushing” is not a crime! Everyone sympathises that it is very hard to defend against sometimes, but if you do manage to gain the advantage back, you will be a hell of a lot better off than your enemy. They will have used braves to attack, wasted mana on cheap spells/ too many troops, and ignored building; so quit complaining, and use this to your advantage!

Gaining Height Advantages

The idea of gaining height advantages is commonly not concerned as “wrong” whatsoever. However, there are two instances in which people are increasingly complaining about this strategy. But that is exactly what it is – a strategy – and it is often used in Populous online.

1. Hill-to-Hill Land bridge – This commonly occurs in “Face Off”. Sometimes called “Front-Dooring”, this happens when the team who are occupying the hill cast land bridge from the hill to the hills in the front of your base, and sometimes going on with another land bridge from those hills to the hills at the back of your base. After being the victim of high-patrolling fire warriors, a barrage of spells cast from out of reach, and not to mention – all those huts destroyed in the land disruption – this strategy can get very annoying. But you must learn to defend against it, try asking your ally for help. But however frustrating this is, it is in no way against the rules.

2. Making Hills Using LB Glitch/Trick – This is more difficult to do, but you will recognise it when it happens. This is often very de-motivating for new players when they see older players making enormous mountains out of nothing, but even though it is glitch exploiting, it is commonly seen as okay to do, as it takes a ton of mana to work.

Camping / anything else strategical…

Basically, anything goes! What it boils down to is common sense – don’t start moaning / quitting over a simple strategy, and just try to enjoy your game!

In-game “No-No”s

Please, DON’T do any of the following!


Please do not join a game if you are just going to leave once you get bored or start to lose, this will completely ruin the game for anyone else who is stupid enough to play with you! If you urgently have to leave, explain this to your opponents and your ally and negotiate a solution... i.e. you will suicide and the remaining three will ally up. Do not join a game if you have minimal time. Use your head – 20 minutes is not long enough to play a game of Narrow Passage! And please, even if you think the game is over, don’t quit (especially if you are the host) – there is always hope!


Flooding is a very dishonest deed where a player uses copy + paste to flood his opponents screen with repetitive, totally unnecessary insults / jibes / spam. This is very off-putting, and if you are caught doing (screenshots – pretty solid evidence) it the appropriate action will be taken.

Pausing / Unpausing

Please avoid using the “pause” function whenever possible. It is very frustrating for other players to sit and twiddle their thumbs whilst you tidy your room our go out for a smoke.

Examples of when it is okay to pause: to answer the phone, to go to the toilet, to get a drink, etc. It is not okay to pause for long periods of time, especially if you do not give reasons for your absence.

Blatant Cheating

1. Disconnecting As The Host. If you decide to host a game, you must stay until the game has ended, and not quit after you die. This is the responsibility you take on when you decide to host a game, it is a small price to pay for playing with no lag and being able to choose your own level / set your own restrictions. So if you host, please wait until the game is finished!

2. Using The “BYRNE” Codes. All of you will know of these cheats for single player, and that is exactly what they are. Cheat codes for single player. They must not be attempted online.

3. Cheating For Mana! Although rare, some people use external programs to aid them in an online game of Populous. “Mana trainers” and anything like them is strictly forbidden, and must not be used.

4. Hacking. As a member of the Pop: Resurrection community, you must agree to not attempt to hack the matchmaker or the game itself. The appropriate action will be taken!

5. Unpausing. If your opponent types “brb” it is common courtesy to wait for him. Read the paragraph about pausing in the “In-Game “No-No”s” section.

6. Exploiting Glitches. These are harder than your average “make a hill” or “freeze volcano” glitches… these glitches must not be tampered with. Dismantling enemy huts is the main one, and even more devastatingly – re-syncing the game. Don’t do it.


As with all online computer games, Populous is competitive. And we all fully understand that things can get a little heated sometimes, but action will be taken if things go too far. Here are a few golden rules to keeping Populous: Resurrection a friendly environment:


Well, most people agree that everybody needs to swear once in a while. You won’t be banned for saying “shit” if you lose, but just keep it at that - excessive profanities will not be tolerated.


Keep it to Private Messaging! What more can I say? Try not to get involved in other peoples’ business. If you want them to stop arguing, a simple “Keep it to PM, guys” will be fine. As for yourself, if you wish to escape an argument – simply explain this and then block the person you are arguing with!


Spamming is very annoying for others, and it is a very selfish thing to do. If you want to direct someone to something, feel free to do it in Private Messaging. But do not spam them – if it is a link you want to show them – paste it once or twice to them. If you wish to advertise something, or tell the lobby something - once is enough. Capital letters are not necessary, and are also irritating for other players to have to put up with.


If you lose a game, do not start complaining about how the game was played, or how much lag you had, or how lucky your opponent was, or how bad your ally played. Simply take a loss as a dose of education, improve on your weaknesses, and become a better player!


Similarly, do not gloat. If you are a new player reading this – especially if you are new to online gaming as a whole – you will soon realise that after playing your first few games of Populous online, you will have acquired new words into your vocabulary. The main word I am talking about is “Ownage”. Players may use this in sentences such as “Omgz ur getin owned”. Variations include – Pwned / Pwnge / Pwnzor / Ownzor, with other popular terms such as “Noob” and “Froob”. No matter how much you see other players acting like this, this is not the way to go about winning. I am not asking you to sympathise with your ally or “go easy” on him/her, but do not gloat over your victory.

And Onto The Serious Stuff...

Personal Discrimination

Repeated personal attacks will not be tolerated. You must not attempt to bully other players, ridiculing their sexuality, race, gender, disabilities, or nationality.


Racism is not allowed, in any shape or form. Anything from racist name-calling, to spamming links to websites with racist material, to telling racist jokes – will not be taken lightly. If you have racist views, and wish to join our community – don’t bother, because if you bring those views to light… then you will not last long in the Populous: Resurrection matchmaker.


If you are in your late teens (or older) and do have an interest in drugs, pornography, etc… please, please keep it out of our matchmaker. Players as young as 13 already exist in our community, and more join everyday – and they do not need to see links to those sort of websites. Similarly – anyone who spams links to websites featuring illegal pornography etc will face an immediate ban.

Conclusion :)

To round up – the majority of players come on the matchmaker to enjoy a peaceful environment and to play a few decent rounds of the game they love! If you follow the guidelines listed in this Code of Conduct, you are sure to make many friends and play countless enjoyable games whilst being a member of Populous: Resurrection.


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