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wildman Lich 01 Nov 2008 07:19 pm QUOTE
lets see, every game I play freezes half way through it, I have to ctrl-alt-del back to desktop(because alt tab doesnt work), then close task manager and bring pop back up, then tab out and reopen pop AGAIN because the keyboard doesnt work(needless to say this can easily make u lose), the hardware version chooser doesnt fix textures, the system that links the mm to the league database appearently has issues because I played 2 games and it says I only played 1, there are random lag spikes in games with someone who gives me 42 ping, this mm is a piece of shit warg, if you want people to start using this thing, I suggest you atleast attempt to make it half as good as ALACN's.
admin king warg 01 Nov 2008 08:59 pm QUOTE
wow such tact and clear patience..

first of all the term "matchmaker" is out of date here seeing as it makes it sound like some dating service, which I would hope isn't the case..

We are already aware of the issues in 1.x which is why I already announced some time ago that the 1.x series is being dropped for 2.0. Which in its current state is already faster and more secure than ALACN's program.
wildman Lich 02 Nov 2008 12:08 am QUOTE
yeah well excuse my scepticism but u've had a "client", as you so lovingly refer to it, for how long now? 3-4 years? and the current version is STILL this shitty? lol, yeah I have faith that u'll fix it...

Good luck on that though
admin king warg 02 Nov 2008 11:36 am QUOTE
It's because of the race to get new features to work on top of old clunky vb6 code, That has created more problems since 0.6.5.

The next version is to be completely rewritten in .net and be progressively developed only after the bugs in the release version of the time is at least almost completely bug free.
wildman Lich 03 Nov 2008 05:44 pm QUOTE
one would ponder why you didnt use .net in the first place :-/
admin king warg 04 Nov 2008 07:08 am QUOTE
Because Koen originally started this project in vb6 and I didn't know any programming at the time.
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